“Group rates” are exclusively applied to those groups sending the relevant reservation form by fax at least 3 days before the visit.

The promotion is valid from Monday to Friday.


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It is compulsory to send with the reservation form a request in headed paper by the school/parish.
One free entrance ticket every 20 paying people.
Children under 1 meter are free of charge.
Group must be at least of 20 paying people.



One free entrance ticket every 20 paying people.
Children under 1 meter are free of charge.
The group must be at least of 20 paying people.





  1. The group must be composed by minimum 20 paying persons;
  2. The complimentary tickets are given starting from the 21st person, to know the number of complimentary ticket you must divide the number of paying participants by 21 (eg: 163/21=7.76, therefore 7 complimentary tickets)
  3. Persons who must not be included in the number of paying guests are: children under 1 metre, disabled persons on a wheelchair, and the drivers (maximum 2 drivers per bus)
  4. The promo is valid from Monday to Friday

How to book

  1. Fill the “Group reservation form” on the website, or ask for it phoning at +39 0421 371648
  2. Send the form, filled in every part, by mail at [email protected], or by fax at +39 0421 372117
  3. For the school groups, parrish groups or grest (summer groups) it is requested the headed paper to certify the kind of the group
  4. It is possible to book also the menus, at a reduced price compared to that proposed by the Park
  5. We need the list of participants


  1. At the cash desk on the day of the group arrival, with cash for amount lower than € 2999,00, or with credit card and ATM.
  2. Advance payment, sending a copy of the bank transfer by mail at [email protected] or by fax at +39 0421 372117, at leat 3 working days before the visit
  3. The bank account details are:
  4. L’Ancora s.r.l.
  5. Banca popolare di Verona e Novara
  6. IBAN: IT  95  D  05034  02000 000000040157
    Swift : BAPPI22

Number of persons specified on the form

The number of persons specified on the form is non-binding and can vary upon information at the ticket office +39 0421 371648, 24hours before the arrival, but the minimum must be always 20 paying persons,

Bus parking

  1. The parking is free showing the group reservation form to the parking operator.
  2. The park offers a wide bus parking next to the entrance.
  3. The timetable of the parking is from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., night parking or parking after the opening hours of the Park are not allowed.


For the driver there is a complimentary ticket and a lunch coupon, for a maximum of 2 drivers per bus.


  1. There is an entrance reserved to groups on the left of the main entrance, from which you access at the cash desk reserved for groups in order to reduce waiting time
  2. After the payment will be delivered to everybody a wristband and a ticket linked to it, we suggest that every member of the group keeps his ticket or to write the name of each on it.
  3. The wristband is the only system of payment inside the Park, therefore it must be used for purchases, to rent  umbrellas and lockers.
  4. The wristband can have a reduced disposable income for the younger guests, that is to arrange at the cash desk.
  5. In case of loss of the wristband, you must address to the cash desk with the ticket linked to the it and you will get a duplicate of your wristband withou any additional cost; without the ticket you have to pay a penalty fee equal to the maximum spending capacity of the wristband.
  6. There is a reserved cash desk for the groups exit, where all the wristbands must be returned; in case of purchases they must be paid immediately, postponed payment are not allowed.
  7. At the cash desk you will receive the “exit” to leave the Park.
  8. All the attractions and shows are included, except bungee jumping.
  9. In case of menu booking, collect the lunch coupons for the different food points, upon advance payment.

Bungee jumping

It is reserved for the 18 year old guests, minors must be accompany by a parent, therefore the group leader can’t sign the disclaimer in place of parents.


On the group reservation form you must ask for the invoice and confirm the request at the moment of payment, the form must report all the necessary information; the invoice will be ready after 4.00 p.m. at the cash desk, it will not be possible to ask for invoice in the following days.


We remind that it is possible to wait in queue  at the exit cash desk for the return of the wristbands and to get the exit

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