Jesolo with kids: Fun and adventure for the whole family

Jesolo is a haven for kids, offering a myriad of engaging and delightful activities. From its sun-soaked beaches to scenic bike trails and endless amusements, this destination has it all! Let's delve into how to craft an unforgettable Jesolo family vacation with these 12 intriguing ideas.


1 - Fun and adventure at Caribe Bay

For an experience that will light up your kids' faces, Caribe Bay, Italy's most acclaimed themed water park, is second to none. With daily performances by international artists and acrobats, ivory beaches, and crystalline waters evoking Caribbean charm, it's a haven for relaxation and merriment.
There is no shortage of adventures for the little ones with numerous aquatic and non-aquatic attractions such as the Boopi River and the Mexico Discovery.



Children under 100 cm in height can access the park for free, while those up to 140 cm can benefit from a reduced-rate entry ticket.

2 - Caribbean Golf, Minigolf Adventure

Embark on a 24-hole journey tailored to both young and old. Set amidst captivating treasures, pirates, and a one-of-a-kind Caribbean backdrop, this mini-golf experience is a sure hit with your kids. The evening setting, , as the sun sets, lends an extra layer of magic to the maritime atmosphere.



Purchasing combined tickets for Caribe Bay and Mini Golf Adventure offers discounted rates.

3 - Jesolo’s beaches are Blue Flag

For a summer holiday full of fun and relaxation by the sea, Jesolo offers numerous equipped beaches with lots of opportunities even for the little ones. There are plenty of kiosks, bars and restaurants on the beach, where you can enjoy drinks, snacks, ice creams, or an excellent lunch - or dinner - by the sea.
Furthermore, this year the beaches of Jesolo have received once again the Blue Flag recognition from the FEE for the quality of the water, the environmental commitment, and the services present in the area.

4 - Inflatable Wonderland

A miniature amusement park for the little ones situated right in the heart of Jesolo on Via Firenze. It’s called Gommapiuma and it’s an outdoor haven filled with inflatable structures for jumping, climbing, and forging new friendships: A magical realm for your kids to unleash their energy while you enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.

5 - Sand Sculptures

For over 25 years, Jesolo has hosted a unique event where artists from across the globe vie for supremacy. The goal? To craft astonishing sand sculptures that astound with their size, imagination, and craftsmanship. Found in Piazza Brescia, this open-air exhibition is just steps away from the sea, and admission is free.

6 - The Panoramic Wheel on the Lagoon

Situated in Piazza Brescia, this attraction is a treat for both youngsters and adults. Step inside an air-conditioned cabin and ascend to breathtaking heights of 60 metres. Behold the mesmerising beauty of the Venetian Riviera stretching before you. It operates from 5 PM to 1 AM, and each ride lasts around 10 minutes, with discounted rates for children.

7 - Cycling escapes

Jesolo offers a wide range of routes suitable for both road cycling and mountain biking, representing a fascinating opportunity for parents who are passionate about cycling and want to share the discovery of a breathtaking territory with their children. Here, the light blue of the sky merges with that of the sea, while you pass through fishing villages and admire a lagoon landscape of incomparable and still untouched beauty.

8 - A tour of Venice

If you are planning a vacation in Jesolo with your children, a visit to the splendid city of Venice is a must. However, due to the intense summer temperatures, we recommend an alternative approach. Rather than exploring the streets and squares, we suggest embarking on an excursion to the renowned lagoon islands: Murano, Burano e Torcello.


This will be a precious opportunity for the little ones to admire the lagoon in all its splendour via a ferry trip, exploring Italy's most vibrant and colourful islands.

9 - Selfie House Experience

Foster creativity and fun within your family at the Selfie House Experience. Step into a spacious realm where more than 20 diverse settings and thematic rooms await. Transform the popular selfie trend, elevated by social media, into an art form: A creative and enjoyable way to capture cherished memories of your Jesolo family vacation. The Selfie House Experience is housed within the J-Museum and welcomes guests throughout the summer season.

10 - Strolling through the Heart of Jesolo

Don't miss the evening saunter through the charming centre bustling with artisan shops, gelaterias, restaurants, and boutiques. An open-air shopping haven unfolds with an expansive pedestrian zone enveloping the entire city centre. Discover key meeting points for tourists and locals alike: from lively Piazza Mazzini, , the heart of the city's nightlife, to Piazza Brescia, and the inviting Promenade.

11 - Jesolo's Racing Thrills

Experience the excitement of kart racing at Jesolo's Blue Track, where the world's best drivers compete annually. A Junior circuit is available for kids, featuring karts tailored for the littlest racers (minimum height 130 cm), powered by 50cc engines. The karkart track located on Via Roma Destra, is conveniently close to the Laguna Shopping Mall.

12 - Jolly Roger

Embark on an epic summer adventure aboard the legendary ship Jolly Roger. From Monday to Friday, dive into the pirate universe for an exhilarating hour and a half at sea. Engage with a crew of skilled pirates, navigating skill tests, exciting games, and wild dances. Join the Jolly Roger crew for an unforgettable journey, filling your summer memories with lasting excitement.

Jesolo presents an unparalleled summer destination for families, offering boundless opportunities day and night. With over 15 km of beaches, amusement parks, shops, and exhibitions, Jesolo caters to kids of all ages!