We’ve been making some improvements! Bettering ourselves is our philosophy, and it has long set us apart from other companies. Safety and honesty are the principles upon which we base our social operations.

We have chosen to strengthen our commitment, which has always been widespread, towards correctness and transparency of behaviour, both from an ethical and regulatory perspective, using an Organisational Model which, together with our Ethical Code, constitutes our commitment to detail, meticulousness and responsibility (even one of a social kind), principles according to which our Company conducts its business.

We indiscriminately ask the Company and all its collaborators to contribute to these renewed commitment in their specific domains.

Together with the Organisational Model and the Ethical Code, and in line with the provisions set forth in Legislative Decree 231/01, we have instituted a completely independent and autonomous Surveillance Body for the impartial assessment of the correct application of the Organisational Model.

All information, reports of violation of the ethical principles contained in the Organisational Model and in the Code of Conduct of l’Ancora S.r.l. must be addressed to: [email protected].

The Surveillance Body does not take into consideration anonymous reports and maintains total confidentiality as to the identity of those report any misconduct.

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