A. Obligation to comply with the regulations and safety rules of the park and for the use of every single attraction and/or show – expressed limits of responsibility of the park.

A.1. Access to individual attractions is subject to obligatory respect and acceptance of each regulation that governs its use of which the user of the attraction should have read before beginning the use of the attraction. The rules governing the use of each and every attraction and/or show is posted before entering the attraction itself and/or show in which it is referred to. These rules may restrict the access to the attraction and/or show in regards to height and/or age and/or physical condition of the guests. Each guest is required and obligated to check the rules to be respected at the entrance of attraction. In regards to bungee jumping, we point out that this attraction is reserved for those 18 years of age or older and minors accompanied by a parent who must sign a waiver form on site.

A.2. The park declines any responsibility for accidents and/or damage to persons and/or property damage caused by carelessness, for failure of compliance with the regulations of use of an attraction and/or disrespect for the “safety regulations of the park” and/or circumstances beyond one’s control.


B. Park access

B.1. Access is forbidden to animals.

B.2. It is forbidden to enter with bicycles, skateboards, skates, etc. or with other means of transport.

B.3. Guests with physical and mobility difficulties can access the park with the free wheelchair provided (subject to availability) upon the presentation of a photo identification card that will be given back upon the return of the wheelchair.

B.4. Mothers have access to free strollers for their child’s entrance to the park (subject to availability) upon the presentation of a photo identification card that will be given back upon the return of the stroller.

B.5. Management reserves the right to select the access of guests at the entrance where there is a legitimate reason for impeding their entry into the park.

B.6 It’s forbidden to introduce glass bottles and cans. For safety reasons the direction shall be reserved to check the bags at the entrance.

C. Safekeeping bracelet and entrance fee ticket obligations – bracelet purpose.

C.1. It is mandatory for all guests to wear the bracelet provided at the admissions office. The bracelet is personalized and registers all the purchases made within the park and allows for a quick identification of the guests.

C.2. The admissions ticket and bracelet grant the right to free access to all the attractions (within the limits of the regulations of use thereof), to all the shows and to all the events available except for bungee jumping and other park services available for a fee. Access to bungee jumping is permitted only after payment is made at the entrance of this attraction (within the limits of the regulation of use of the attraction itself).

C.3. Within the park, you may not make any cash, credit card or debit card payments. All consumptions and purchases made within the park are recorded through the bracelet provided at the entrance and will be paid at the cash registers when leaving the park. There are two information kiosks inside the park where you will be able to check your purchases made with the bracelet.

C.4. You may temporarily leave the park and re-enter the same day provided that the bracelet is given back and purchases are paid for. An exit bracelet will then be given and to be worn to be able to re-enter the park within the designated closing time indicated at the entrance. Access to the park will not be granted without the bracelet.

C.5. Each guest is required to safely keep the entrance fee ticket and bracelet provided at cash registers. In case of bracelet loss, a charge of € 70,00 (seventy euros) will be applied to anyone not being able to present their entrance fee ticket in its integrity previously paid at the cash register.

C.6. Once purchased, the entrance fee can in no circumstance be reimbursed (Article 74, Presidential decree 633/72).


D. Parasols with drawers, beach loungers and lockers.

d.1. The parasols, equipped with storage drawers and 2 (two) beach loungers as well as the lockers are available for a fee daily while quantities last. The depletion of the parasols and/or beach loungers and/or lockers is indicated at the ticket office.

d.2. For a fee, each bracelet allows daily use of one parasol with 2 beach loungers and one locker while quantities last. The choice of parasol and/or locker made by the park guest is considered final and cannot be changed from the time of the bracelet registration. Complaints will not be accepted regarding any mistakes made during selection and registration.


E. No smoking

E.1. Apart from the places where it is expressly prohibited, smoking is not permitted while you are in queue or near the ticket office queues, near attractions and during the shows.


F. Exclusion of liability for whatever object brought inside the park.

F.1. Each guest is responsible for the exclusive care and custody of what is deposited inside the lockers or for whatever is brought into the park. We invite guests not to leave any backpacks or handbags and/or valuables unattended in the park.

F.2. Management disclaims any and all liability for any loss, theft, damage and/or destruction of such goods.

F.3. You may go to the ticket office for the recovery of lost items or bring those found throughout the park.


G. A few observations and general information to take note of before purchasing the ticket and when purchased intended as understood.

G.1. Before purchasing the park admission ticket, we suggest that each guest informs himself/herself on the presence of any circumstance related to the influx of park visitors, weather conditions or technical requirements that may limit the use of the attractions, the park in general as well as the services.

G.2. In the event of a park closure due to bad weather, lack of electricity and/or any other circumstances beyond one’s control, the admission ticket and any other expenses incurred by each guest will not be refunded and the ticket cannot be reused for another date.

G.3. Management reserves the right to terminate access to one or more attractions at any time for maintenance and/or in the event of a power failure. Such closure, even if not temporary, does not give right to any discount and/or refund on the admission price.

G.4. No announcements are made in order to not alarm or disturb guests. If necessary, a security plan will be activated by the service personnel. Each guest will have to follow the instructions of the personnel and stay calm.

G.5. Access to the arena is allowed until the permitted capacity.

G.6. The slides close at 17:45.

G.7. Some areas of the park have Caribbean sand.

G.8. The company uses video surveillance systems in some areas of the park in order to ensure safety, the protection of its assets and to prevent unlawful acts. The images are viewed exclusively by the security guards and are accessible only by judiciary personnel or the police.

G.9. In the event of a non-compliance with the rules laid down in this regulation, management reserves the right to remove the offender from the park without prejudice and the right to claim for any damage.


H. Restrictions for holding special events.

H.1. In the case of special events at the park, it is forbidden to enter with liquids except for water in sealed plastic bottles.

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