Jungle Jump

Jungle Jump: the water slide in the jungle

Welcome to Jungle Jump, the most thrilling adrenaline attraction at Caribe Bay! If you're seeking heart-pounding thrills, you've come to the right place. Get ready for an incredible experience as you slide down a powerful waterfall that will launch you into an exhilarating free fall.

Jungle Jump offers you the opportunity to challenge your friends with acrobatic jumps before diving into the water with an adrenaline-fueled descent at high speed. This incredible attraction is classified as extremely challenging, so be prepared to put your skills to the test.

Difficulty: Extreme
Height: 160-192 cm
Requirements: weight between 55 and 100 kg. 18+ years
• 18+ anni
Water depth: 2.5m

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To participate in Jungle Jump, there are a few requirements to keep in mind. You must have a height between 160 and 192 centimetres and weigh between 55 and 100 kilograms. Additionally, you need to be of legal age (18+) and carry an identification document to participate in this incredible adventure.
The water depth in which you will dive is 2.5 meters, providing a safe and enjoyable environment to experience this unique adventure

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Don't miss the opportunity to try Jungle Jump at Caribe Bay. Watch the video to get a taste of the adrenaline that awaits you and start planning your visit now. Whether you're an adrenaline enthusiast or simply looking to have an unforgettable experience, Caribe Bay awaits you to offer an adventure you'll never forget.


Minimum age and necessary requirements

18 years old (valid photo ID) in good health and having signed the responsibility disclaimer

Minimum height

160 cm

Maximum height

192 cm

Minimum weight

55 kg

Maximum weight

100 kg


1 person wearing safety equipment

>Positions allowed

Lying on your back with legs pointing towards the pool

Diffculty level


Depth of splashdown pool

250 m


Access forbidden to:
• People who cannot swim;
• People in an altered emotional state and/or visibly under the influence of alcohol, medicine, drugs or other sub stances that affect physical and mental state;
• People with physical impediments and/or functions, including heart problems;
• People suffering from hernia or any other spinal trauma and/or major bone damage;
• People with fractures or musculoskeletal damage of any sort;
• People with neurological disorders or any other kind of condition linked to the central nervous system;
• People with orthopaedic or dental prostheses;
• People who have had recent surgery;
• People who wear contact lenses;
• People wearing accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, piercings, glasses, hair clips, GoPro type kit, etc;
• Pregnant women (confirmed/suspected).

Do not lose / remove / give away your wristband that authorises use of slide;
Do not remove or unclip the safety equipment until you leave the splashdown pool where you will hand it back to the operator;
Do not adopt any position other than the one position allowed;
Do not raise your legs, bend forwards, lie on your front, etc during the descent.


Using the slide poses a risk for Visitors’ health and safety. Exercise extreme care and caution and be aware of your physical abilities.
It is compulsory to wear the safety equipment given to you by the operator and follow all the instructions.
The Management can at any time at its own indisputable discretion refuse access to the slide if it finds that there is direct or indirect danger to the health and/or safety of individual users and/or third parties.
The Management accepts no responsibility if a Visitor fails to respect the specific safety Regulations and/or in the event of false and/or fraudulent declarations made in the disclaimer duly signed by the Visitor.
Carefully read the instructions on the terminal at the slide departure point to register your consent to use of your image in videos filmed.

Specific regulations for video filming

The attraction has an automatic video filming system.
To consent to filming, you must carefully read the instructions on the terminal at the slide departure point and give consent for use of your image in any videos filmed, and register.
You must provide an active correct email address to register.
The video will only be delivered and published if authorised by the operator who reserves the right to stop filming if inappropriate language is used or other behaviour renders the video unsuitable for publishing.
The Management is not responsible if the video is not delivered or published.